A.A.W.O.L. (Alcoholics Anonymous Way Of Life)

7:00-8:00 PM

Do you feel at the end of your rope? Have you lost the ability to stop drinking on your own? Or have you found that you are well balanced in most things in life, except when it comes to alcohol? If you are struggling in the grips of alcohol, you are not alone. Find the healing, fellowship, and recovery right here in your community.

AAWOL is an open meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. All are welcome. Find the hope you need here and join us. Let's share the message of recovery together.



7:30-9:30 PM (Ages 18+)

Balzac?? Think of volleyball with a soft fabric ball. Lots of exercise and community fun for everyone over 18 years of age.

Come on by and give it a try!


Lents Neighborhood Livability Association

2nd Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 PM
A great group of neighbors organized to serve, engage and inform the citizens of Lents and the surrounding area. Come join us for great discussions on how to improve the neighborhood.
Visit the LNLA Website